Friday, May 14, 2010

singing and dancing and praying....

For Mohamed.
He is 13.
He is from Sierra Leon.
He lives here as a refugee in a home with many many children.
He is in the process of becoming my nephew.
Pray for my sister in law Cindy and her family as they wade through the legalities to transferring guardianship and becoming parents to a BOY!
We are jumping for happiness and love for him already!

Monday, April 26, 2010

things we will miss about Kenora. #3

The Chip Truck.

Every time we had the pleasure of having company from home, we tried to visit the legendary tourist spot... Ye Olde Chip Truck with them.
Watching them press the potatoes in the old fashioned french fry press and douse them with more than necessary  vinegar and salt... yum.  A meal of 2lbs of potatoes in every tub.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things we will miss about Kenora. #2

The View.

We have had the privilege of staying in a magical spot on Lake of the Woods. Right where the lake meets Winnipeg River. The current is so crazy here that the lake stays open all winter in front of the house and there are a few crazy ducks that stay for the winter instead of going south. We were amazed to spot them in February and when we inquired about our sighting to a local, we were informed that indeed they spend the winter here. Silly birds, but I can't really blame them, it's quiet, beautiful, and they get to stake their claim on the best nesting site when the others return.

At any time during the day, we sit for a breather and gaze out the windows, spotting bald eagles, loons, canada geese, a variety of ducks, seagulls, deer, muskrat. Inspecting wildlife through the binoculars, trying to take photos to capture the moment. Or as a family have crafted what we see...

We have tracked and played unreal close to the family of three deer that are regular visitors to our yard. They watch us as peacefully as we watch them through the trees.

We will miss the view and the wildlife adventures each day of the last 4 months has brought us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things we will miss about Kenora. #1

Above all else, we will miss the friends we have made.

Our second day here, back in January, I hunted down the local homeschooling group and went to a meeting, sitting next to me was Jill. When she described her relaxed method of schooling and her children's ages and interests, and that her husband is a builder, I knew we had some things in common and suggested we get our families together to play sometime. 

Fast forward a few weeks...  I was engrossed (and slightly overwhelmed) in my busy new life cooking for the crew, shopping huge shops several times a week (I will not miss that) and taking kids to lessons, I ran into Jill in the parking lot at the library and was reminded of my initial attraction to her as a possible friend. We promised to really really get together and finally did. 

Our first few visits were full of winter fun, tobogganing and hiking and sharing meals together. Even Lenny gets some good friends to romp with. Mike and Mark have loads to chat about and Jill and I share a love for homemade and traditional crafts. She makes the most amazing rag hook rugs. They are gorgeous! 
The kids are a natural fit.


Now it is down to our last few weeks here and we are trying to cram in as much face time as we can. 
They have so much lovely space and the view is amazing, not to mention the bird feeder out the living room window... hours of entertainment. Here E is making felt veggies, while his mom Jill works on a baby mobile, she and I are making together. (the ear muffs were necessary as the other kids were playing with plastic power tools next to us in the living room)
Phin had a nap on Jill's lovely quilt. It is the reason I took the picture of Phin sleeping.

I am near tears thinking of leaving this beautiful family behind when we go home... any chance you guys will move to Manitoba? Our time here has been very blessed by knowing you. You will be missed most of all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Fool

We were pretty pumped to play a prank on the crew this year. Unfortunately we were traveling on April 1st and did not see the results of our hard work and planning.

Jacks brainchild... the mastermind behind the prank, came to him while eating snack. The last 4/5  portions of yogurt. His eyes got big with wild wonderful genius and he delegated jobs immediately. 


one to wash, one to fill, notes written by each, one to glue... the plan is set into motion.
insert evil laugh. Only one of the yogurts we left in the fridge for the guys lunches is really yogurt. heehee

Gotcha Shane! (aka Bubbles -Phin calls him "bubbles", I think he means "buddy") The story goes -Shane sat down to lunch with his two yogurts and a banana for dipping and opened his yogurt and dropped his head... duped. Lucky Geoff got the real yogurt. Serves Shane right. We hear lots of stories of how Shane throws Geoff's lunch up on the roof of the trailer and other such pranks. Our prank went to the right guy for so many reasons! (plus he is a good sport and appreciates our kids)