Saturday, February 24, 2007

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my days have been uneventful, I got momentarily stuck in a snow drift somewhere in st.andrews on friday with a smirking man outside my car offering no help what-so-ever... I had to show him that I was no helpless stupid broad and willed the car out of the drift witha secret cheer and triumphant grin of my own.
I led a craft at a homeschool retreat, and felt the buzz, the thrill, the desire to teach again... or at least to pursue something of the likes. I was asked by several of the women if I would teach at parties for kids or other events... i should consider what I would charge and wether that is something I would be interested in...
I sat througha full day of training to become a mentor with the women's health clinic. it was interesting and i am curious how it will play out with this group of ladies, it seems like a wide range of personalities...I will enjoy the relationships built in this group...
I love my sister's new blog. She is inspiring and creative and beautiful. and a very good sister even though she thinks she is a bad sister... I understand busy life and I know she loves me.

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tiffany said...

i'm glad you like my blog and i'm excited to read yours too. i made mine especially with you and lindsey in mind. i love you lots and wish we had more time to spend together.