Tuesday, March 13, 2007

identity fraud frustrations

today I was a victim...
of ebay identity fraud!
someone was having a blast with my account changing the password and switching up the email account info and in general making me feel stress and frustration.
I spent ALL morning on chat help getting it all straightened out only to come back to manage my account this afternoon to find my new password changed and more strikes against my "good name"
so the whole thing revisited again and this time with a hold on all activities to do with my account and a switch up of email id and hopefully a settled non-issue for the future...
my advice... read the ebay security information. inform yourself of the reality of phishing emails, don't give out any information and keep the chat guy or girl on line till you absolutely know that you understand and the issue is settled. write down the time and name of the ebay employee you spoke with so you can reference them at your next visit AND...change all your passwords to everything regularily!
Some people suck!!!!

1 comment:

tiffany said...

lame and crappy. good thing you're so computer saavy and were able to detect something was awry... i'm proud of your sleuthing skills.