Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Farm fun!

We had an incredible experience at Morning Sound Farm last week. What a fun tour! Interactive, informative, such a blast! The people at Morning Sound have an impressive set up, complete with hay ride and sheep shearing demo. The boys loved having a chance to ride the pony, pick up chicks and ducklings and feed dandelions to the kids. Solomon thought milking the goat was cool and especially enjoyed when the baby goats tried to eat his sweater. Ephraim laughed hysterically at the chickens. Jack enjoyed the petting barn the best, holding the sweet little chicks and bunnies.


tiffany said...

cute! looks like a fun little adventure. i like the kid in the background of the one where solomon's getting eaten. the kid has sweet shades.

Mike Giesbrecht said...

That is one of the twins-there are two exactly the same!!! my friend Tamara's girls. They are adorable!