Saturday, August 18, 2007

update from grandma...good news

I heard from David last night. Everything went well -
Gail and the kids picked him up at the airport and they drove to Bellingham. Enroute she had David drive as the hospital had a conference call with her and she had to pay attention. They had all the people that work with Murray at the therapy hospital give their assessment, is what I gathered - and had her listen in.

When they arrived at the hospital Murray was pleased to see David and knew him. All throughout the morning the various people that had worked with him came in and talked in front of Murray and the family, and gave their assessments. Murray was very interested and cooperative and fully realized that he had severe brain injuries. David said they were all very pleased with his rapid recovery - the therapist tried both his arms for strength and felt his shoulder was recovering - David says his memory is not perfect, he still gets mostly names of places mixed up, but could recall a lot of their trip and where they had gone, etc. Anyway David was very pleased to be there and see how far he has come, and the expectations of his recovery.

Gail is going to Bellingham this am, David is staying at their home as Dawson is leaving for a camp around Kelowna with Gail's brother (who is a teacher in North Van. and just returned from France, where they go every summer). Hailey is going to be attending a day camp in Pt. Roberts, so will be around a lot. Gail will be learning how to run the IV etc. in Bellingham, and if David not with them, they can return through the Nexxus line at the border which is always a lot faster as well. David very anxious to see how Murray responds to being at home. He thinks his judgement might not be as good as usual, and will especially watch for that. He really doesn't know at this time, if we will be required to be there, and will watch and talk it over with Gail before he leaves.

So a wonderful relief to hear all the good things said about Murray - I guess the staff delighted to have a success story in their midst and to be part of it. David will have their meals ready for them today, and looking forward to having Murray home at last!!! Pure thankfulness is what I am feeling today, and how fortunate we are to have had this amazing miracle. Thankyou everyone for your prayers!!!

All for now - will talk later .....Love, Marge

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