Friday, September 7, 2007

Have Cow-Will Travel

We are heading to Midale this weekend to pick up a half a cow from my brother Trevor. It is a gift from Ron and Sherrie... Nice gift... a freezer full of meat for the winter!
I am excited, as we will also get to take in a birthday party for my nephew, Brett in Wawota. He is a true life little cowboy of 3 years, so we are picking up something cowboy and rodeo-ish I think... maybe from our favorite toy store Toad Hall.


tiffany said...

how are you going to fit the cow in your car? i guess it won't be all in one piece... i'm picturing you trying to strap half a cow in the backseat... well, good luck with that and have a safe and lovely trip.

KindredEsprit said...

Have a fun and safe, trip! =)

Tami Jo said...

We took Papa's truck... it fits the cow... and our freezer is full to the top!
we had sirloin steak for supper. we have over 30 lbs of ground beef! AND roasts, soup fat... ribs, steaks...etc.... set for the winter!