Tuesday, October 23, 2007

when Chirp magazine comes to our house...

There are two things that are done.
1st. We head straight to the back page and memorize the jokes.
Then after flipping through the whole magazine we pick a game or craft to do. Today the theme of the magazine is Dinosaurs... and the craft was to make dino snouts... after a minute to collect supplies

-the teeth and snarling began and I am left with remnants of my children covered in acrylic paint, and stomping growling dinosaurs taking over the house. This is the kind of day, I will agree, my house is too small for this kind of large reptilian play!


tiffany said...

cute! i like these shouts very much.

angela said...

what a super project, we will have to try this. i have two that love to dress up - so fun :)