Thursday, January 17, 2008

Solomon is not a nice sick person.

Solomon has joined us in full force, major coughing, whining, moaning, demanding, yelling, refusing medication... puking what ever meds we did get into him... I am not enjoying the newest sicky in our ranks. Everyone else was happiest being left to wallow on the couch with a water bottle and occasional snuggle as I am also still nursing myself AND trying to keep up on feeding and minor cleaning. This screaming for Mom for a kleenex and grouching is wearing my sympathy very thin.

Edited to add: Eureka! "Pedialyte freezer pops" -to keep Solomon Hydrated, help his temp come down and keep him quiet and happy for an extended period of time... (thanks to my impulse buying at the end of summer and remembering they were there -somewhere at the bottom of my freezer) He is officially a happier sick person.


KindredEsprit said...

glad you found a way to make sol less miserable. i'm feeling better today. i even went to the doctor! he said i have a sinus infection and prescribed penicilin, plus advil sinus & cold. wow! i never thought i'd get any relief! thumbs up for advil sinus & cold.

what did the dr. say about your illness?


Tami Jo said...

I was there for Ephraim but she asked basic ?'s like was I coughing phlegm, did I have a fever... at the time I had a clear drip and nothing coughing up so I guess I am viral and working through it... but I am miserable!