Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sorry Mom.

In my excitement to enter a few contests and take my mind off the germ infested children surrounding my every waking and sleeping moments, I have neglected my duties to reassure my family that we are all slowly recovering from our virus bugs. We have a follow up Doctor appt. on Tuesday that should confirm that Ephraim's ear infection is gone, and that my lingering cough and nagging head ache is nothing to worry about. The appointment might mean Solomon will need to be force fed his own prescription though... because he is not getting better like the rest of us. His pathetic little nose and eyes are clinging to congestion and he refuses any type of relief in the form of drops, chewable tablet or liquid poison. You can pray he can't be helped with banana goop, so we won't have to go through the torture of trying to get him to ingest anything remotely medicinal...

By the way I got a little win out of my vintagey fairie card... I will post my winnings when they come! Woot!

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Tanis said...

Happy fairy news though.
Maybe he'll end up being like Emma when we took her in....and how it ALWAYS happens to me. Make the 2 hour (or more) effort to see the walk in doctor and the next day she (and all my other kids who've gone through that same process) are miraculously better the next day.