Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's READ!

This is the great reading program we found on-line and bought because we had a chance to down load the first 2 chapters and started down a successful road to reading.

We sent Cristina on a mission while she was visiting friends in Seattle to find us a deal on the book. When I looked into getting it shipped here the price was going to be upwards of 40-50 bucks. she found it for $27 US. Yippee!

We completed lesson 3 this morning. I am so impressed at the progress in Jack, the confidence with which he tackles each new sound and the joy he has when he has completed a chapter, adding a whack of new words to his word bank.

I think this reading program, The Reading Lesson, by Michael Levin is organized so well and sets up reading logically, starting with the most frequent letters in the english language and introducing blends mixed in among the letter sounds... we did "th" this morning. My son will be reading on his own within a month!

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