Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh the Romance

We had a special Valentines dinner last night (a day early-because Mike left town this morning) Mike came home with lovely flowers and a gift for me... We made a martha stewart meal of swedish meatballs and caraway noodles... mostly kid friendly (except for the "what are these green things?" parsley bits) Each of the kids got a gift at their spot.
Jack got the video game he has been wishing for... Tony Hawk.
Solomon got super secret super spy, Backyardigans video.
And E-man got another Backyardigans, movers and shakers.
We made a yummy yummy desert too... very festive and not too sweet-made with gingersnaps and lingenberry jam...
Both Mike and I bought each other an IPod... I spent yesterday down loading songs and pod casts for his trip. Yippee!

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tiffany said...

hoot! hooray for love and consumerism! sounds like a lovely lovie evening.