Friday, February 8, 2008

Science Club

Monthly our family joins together with three other homeschool families to do science experiments together. This month it was my turn to teach the group. Our topic... Electricity. Yikes! I was very apprehensive and feeling very under qualified. But we had fun trying out a few experiments, some didn't work and others evoked great excitement and "energy". AND I learned a few things... apparently so did Jack, as I found him doing diagrams on his chalk board for his brothers when we got home. He drew an atom and had all the parts labeled and explained negative and positive charges to his 2 year old brother!

These are photos of a few of our static electricity experiments... transferring electrons and "charging" balloons to attract or repel objects...

Then we moved onto electrical currents and guiding our energy ions through copper wires, making lemon batteries (didn't work) and finding what objects are conductors and which are insulators.

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