Monday, April 14, 2008

and then they were gone...

I forgot to take my camera to the hospital so I don't have any great images of the super cute children's hospital gown with the colourful stripy pants that didn't quite fit, there were many opportunities for good photos that I missed out on!

The most stressful moment was when the nurse took him out of Daddy's arms through the doors that say authorized personnel only and we could hear him cry for us. That was heart breaking... And then, walking towards the bed he was in at Recovery -seeing the I.V and my baby, groggy and waking up, sleepy and weak.

He is such a brave and strong boy, even when the dressing came off by accident, exposing his nailless finger all red and bloody, He calmly said " it fell off" and sat watching the nurse do a hack job replacing the bandage. (I fixed him up good when we got home with a dressing that will not come off till we want it to!) He ate 4 popsicles in quick succession and then promptly fell asleep for 2 hours, leaving us waiting to be discharged... We couldn't leave till he peed and walked. It was a long day!

We are waiting now for the freezing to wear off and see how he deals with the pain of having his finger nail taken off and side of his foot scraped off. BLECHY and OUCHY!
Thanks to everyone who prayed and thought of us today.

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