Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jack's Race

The Race was at Grand Beach on Saturday. We intended for it to be a family fun day with a picnic lunch which we ended up eating in the car due to the rain! Preparing for the race is a mental game... visualizing the climbs, and the finish line... Where is the finish line?

At the starting line... The rain was a nice addition to the muddy trails and the spectator involvement.

What you don't see in Jacks finishing photo is how narrowly he was missed by the older kids racing a different course that intercepts the finish line. It was a little scary! I was watching the girl directing traffic and saw in her eyes that the older kids were not going to stop and Jack oblivious to the danger eyeing the finish line grinning at the cheering mass (not noticing the sucked in-holding breath terror in his mothers face) He squeezed through in a fantastic finish!

This is Jack's buddy Orien in an emotional hunger motivated finish... good for him-riding through to the end, we hear it was a tough course for him and his dad (Jack's coach, Rob) We appreciate Rob's patience and enthusiasm during rides and races. Jack comes home telling me about the crash points he has racked up... making falling fun.


patty-jean said...

Congratulations Jack! i've got some bike photos on my page as well - just a little older, and no riders anymore.

patty-jean said...

i feel dumb! i came back to the computer to see the last comment sitting there for like the last 3 hrs - published, to find you've already visited! I'd love to visit these properties a picnic would be great! i'll mention it to Rene!

tiffany said...

how exciting! tell jack kyle and i say congratulations!