Friday, July 4, 2008


I have been struggling with the behavior choices of a 3 year old for (it feels like 3 years!) a while, which puts everyone here at odds and on edge. It makes it difficult to do anything formal with school because I cannot turn my back on Monkey at all. Including him takes SO much energy and takes away from what the older boys are trying to accomplish. Now, as he naps and Jack has gone to help Nana and Papa prepare for the Church Garage Sale, Solomon is peacefully singing and I am revisiting the top 11 things that are required of a homeschool provider. (according to Marty Layne's Learning at Home)

1. genuinely like and enjoy your children (sigh)

2. Have a sense of Humour (Okay I can see how ripping the seam in mom's pillow and spreading feathers all over the house could be funny)

3. Be able to read, write and do basic math, being willing to upgrade as necessary.

4. Be Committed to the philosophy that led you to homeschool.

5. Be prepared for Criticism.

6. Have a support system (I did mention Jack was at Nana's right!?)

7. Be able to learn from mistakes. (Tell Ephraim that!)

8. Be willing to develop limit setting skills. (AHA!)

9. Develop patience. (sigh)

10. Develop (eyes in the back of your head) Observational skills.

11. Be Willing to Change...

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Tanis said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with reflecting on homeschooling. I'm here to demand my swag. HA HA! Check my blog :)