Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Highlights of our trip west- 1. Low Tide

We loved everything about low tide, from chilly walks on the beach, hoping to spot a whale -to first time Kayaking -to Crabbing -to flying kites...
It was amazing to watch the kids come alive when they picked up dead things in the tide pools and rejoiced in how hard the starfish was hanging on to that rock, not wanting to be picked up.
It was easy to see why a shark might mistake Solomon for a seal when he wore a skin suit meant for someone my size, and spent all afternoon falling off a surf board.
It was shocking to me seeing Jack voyage out in a Kayak with a skill that can only be defined as "Natural"
And feeling that salty breeze on a cool day, straining alternately out in the water for a glimpse of a whale pod or at the beach for a cool shaped stone to pocket with the rest... sigh.
We had a wonderful trip and It was very hard to narrow down the highlights!

enjoying the crabs we caught... with our friends Brad and Stacy who share a love for the point with us!

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tiffany said...

looks like you had a great trip.
glad you're home!