Friday, September 26, 2008

tin whistle

Earlier this week I started my manic de-clutter mission and emptied three rubbermaid storage boxes in the basement, tossing things ruthlessly. One of the items that surfaced from said storage bin was a tin whistle. Put there, I am sure, the day it was gifted to one of my children. (for good reason!)
One of my children, I am not sure which (Ephraim) was hovering for shiny trinkets as they moved from bin to garbage bag. He spirited away with the tin whistle and it became a LOUD obnoxious plaything for all to enjoy.

After a couple days enduring the shrill squeal, banishing it to only be played in the yard, I "brain-waved"... and googled tin whistle lessons... and now I am followed by my own little pied piper (Jack) who can play mary had a little lamb thanks to Father Ryan on youtube.

In a few years maybe he can join Patty Jean and her bodhran, humming irish jigs for all of us to enjoy.

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patty-jean said...

"Way to go, Jack!" I took some tin whistle lessons along with the bodhran, my teacher thought is was important to do both...i guess to get a good feel for some true Irish music! We enjoyed some of Father Ryan's jigs and reels!
So is it true Tami? Did you buy your farm property?