Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look what I can do...

I was invited to a Baby shower/celebration of motherhood party the other night for my friend Olivia. She and her husband are artistic and creative and slightly intimidating to little -slightly -distracted -and -out -of -the -creative -loop -me... so then I was asked to make a scrapbook for her (it was an honour) for everyone to share thoughts and wisdoms and encouragements to give to her at the shower. I panicked, leaving it to the last minute and then also not having something to take as a gift.
Such is the way I do things sometimes...

At the end of the shower, after telling Olivia that I have a healthy thing called jealousy for her sewing ability, she showed me a diaper she and her mom made that is lovely... and large. So an idea brewed to make smallish cloth diapers for Olivia, and to not let her intimidate but rather inspire and to be able to gift someone handmade that is a handmaker herself, was good for me.

And I will share my serger with her if she likes, since she is Jealous of me too.

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