Monday, November 17, 2008

sneak peek

Here is some detail of a little project I am working on. It will be a gift for Nils P. who shares his party day with Solomon every year. Solomon chooses to go to a hotel and swim, and each year we have invited our friends to join us. They come for swimming and dinner but have never stayed for night. This year they have decided to make the whole thing a tradition with us. We are SO excited AND I am especially excited because I am making a one of a kind Play mat for Nils, inspired by something I saw on etsy and very roughly interpreted by my limited experience with sewing.
I hope it turns out because I have plans to make a few as Christmas presents too. All encouragements welcome as I have reached a block in my ability and am researching applique and other quilting things before I carry on.


Aleksa said...

it looks very well made. and i really like the color combination.

Corinna said...

Ahhh! I want to see more! Looks very fun. Love the quilting on the purple part.