Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookie baking

I took full advantage of Andi's love for Phinehas last night while trying to accomplish some time consuming Cake ball preparations. Not having ingredients and sharing a relatively small kitchen with several other bakers was challenging, but I came home with a nice sampling of shortbread cookies. Thanks to Tiff and Mom who understand the concept of cookie exchange better than I do!

Lessons we learned from our first ever bake exchange...
-plan to bake a cookie instead of making your son's birthday cake...
-bring extras of things like measuring cups and spatulas and mixing bowls
-dressing up in crazy aprons and chef hats is fun
-mom is picky about her christmas music selections (she feels Tony Bennett is a little over played for her liking)
-a little prep could make things go smoother
-tiffany's cookie press needs C batteries
-start earlier (better yet make it an all day affair)
-jolly jumper was a great invention
-and so was static guard... I needed some of that!


KindredEsprit said...

fabulous! what fun! thanks for sharing the pics and the tips! I'm curious as to which Christmas cd's were your mom's faves?

Aleksa said...

oh i wish i was there! Beautiful beautiful!