Sunday, December 14, 2008

These are a few of his favorite things...

We celebrated Sol's birthday with our friends at the Victoria. It is Solomon's favorite thing to do, stay in a hotel and swim..
When we arrived Solomon exclaimed "What a beautiful room" It is so nice when things you do for someone are appreciated, and with Solomon, there is no question when he thinks something is good (or bad for that matter)
Last year we did the dinosaur theme room, this year we opted for the cheaper option... a HUGE suite with a living/sitting room and separate sleeping room with two double beds. (we expected that it had two sleeping rooms, but it didn't so we got cozy with the P's.)

The water slide was the biggest hit, and hard to catch the action on film... here are my best attempts to capture the speeding splashing fun while keeping my camera at a safe dry distance...

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Aleksa said...

Happy birthday Soloman! You are truley special and we love you
Devon and Aleksa