Sunday, January 25, 2009


It has been our tradition to have grand parents for dinner after the kids party. This has worked well because you are already in party mode and can get it all done in one day... an exhausting day but a fun day and when it's over-IT"S over!

Today's feast for the parents set the Bar! HIGH.
Mike and I, together, tackled a feast of Chinese food that was amazing! We made spring rolls, Mike's famous teriyaki backstrap, stir fry beef and broccoli with ginger, "cross the bridge noodle" soup, sweet and sour sesame noodles with beef, there were beans with peppers, and rice, shrimp, ginger beef, dried pork... I know I am forgetting some things... but you get the idea! It was amazing and fun to do! I think we should celebrate Chinese New Year every year even if Jack isn't the main attraction!


Aleksa said...

what cute chinese parents you have. he he

i like that they dressed the part... well, it's good that they didn't take it too far.


duckyhouse said...

do you guys deliver?