Tuesday, February 17, 2009

trees trees trees

Standing on Satan's Creek that passes through our yard... we will re-name this stretch of the creek, any ideas?

We are in the "doing something" phase of our country living plans... late in fall Mike had a "walk and talk" with a guy from Manitoba Forestry Association, to assess the current state of our lot, and develop a plan for the future potential of it.
It was amazing to receive his report and wonder at his identification of the trees already inhabiting our lot. He saw a huge amount of trees, shrub, illness, pests, wildlife and gave us loads of ideas to get us started down a road of developing our property to best suit desires for the Ultimate Giesbrecht Guy (and mommy) Get Away/ Everyday Living Space

Some of the things we would like to see there are a water feature, for those of you familiar with my parents cabin...
think the bay on the east side... IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIELD. If you were thinking water feature as in... a nice rock waterfall into a flower garden koi pond.
OH NO-This Water Feature will potentially house our geo-thermal-heating and our kayaks, fishing rods for the trout we will stock it with and the tire swing that transports children into the depths, a full size hockey rink in the winter...

And all the displaced dirt?

-picture a couple Giesbrecht children on dirt bikes
(borrowed/stolen images- to give illustration to my nightmare))
in the summer and snowboards in the winter
... a city mothers nightmare...

We have been poring over the tree list and recommendations for a shelter belt, decorative yard trees and forestation of the back end of the property for wildlife... and a peaceful path and quiet sitting spots for the less rambunctious of the property dwellers, and in the winter... a sheltered cross country ski trail.
This week our order goes in to MFA and by spring we will have a crew of tree planters plunking those baby maple, willow, raspberry, poplar, pine trees (etc) into our yard... Our 40 acre... Country yard... somebody pinch me.

Here also is a sampling of the phase one building project... think smaller though this "garage" is HUGE! Our hope is to build a garage with living quarters above to move into while the house is being (well... financed somehow, and) built and then sell our city house to pay off debt and start figuring the timeline and cost of the "BIG HOUSE" (also smaller than this version but these are the starting ground, inspiration for what will actually and eventually become our HOME.... YAY!)

Once that is done... the garage suite will be available... just saying.


Aleksa said...

oh wow it's going to be so beautiful.

i am very excited for all of you.

x a.

Andi said...

That sounds so great! Daniel and I will help wherever and whenever we can! (especially planting!) Everything is going to be so beautiful - we're so happy for you guys!

patty-jean said...

Absolutely Delightful! and incredibly envious! So excited for you guys!