Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have a new dishwasher...
He thinks he is being so helpful, but it makes emptying the dishwasher a stressful experience, remembering my little sister knocking teeth black falling onto the open dishwasher (in less graceful days) always flashes into mind when Phin starts climbing in to help.
ON the other hand my son Jack is an amazing help when it comes to emptying the dishwasher. It is a job he can complete start to finish with out much distress. He has also started to bake bread by himself with the bread maker. I posted a basic recipe on the wall by the machine and he can measure all the ingredients and start the machine solo. YAY!

And now for the weather... It is still winter. FUN! But I DID see buds on the tree in our backyard, so never fear. spring is on it's way!
Thanks for the photos Cristina!


KindredEsprit said...

Great photos! ;-)
That's so great that Jack can now make bread, too! I'll have to try a slice of 'Jack-a-loaf' next time! And I'll have to take photographic evidence of these buds you speak of!!!

Momsie said...

I totally had a flashback when i saw Phin on the dishwasher door! She was a very cute little toothless girl for a few years too soon!

swell news said...

Oh boy. Sadie's favorite task it to empty the cutlery basket, one piece at a time.