Thursday, March 12, 2009

seeing green.

My good friend Tamara made me ... well Phin, the most adorable pants... longies really. That means they double as adorable butt covers. They are wool wonderfulness and beautiful! Great, lovely, functional, soft, vibrant, yay! I am so excited! (maybe you can tell)

I love gifts, I love hand made, I love cloth diapers with wool covers... this was a perfectly perfect gift!
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity and the time it took to make this such a special handmade gift Tamara... and thanks also for the other goodies that have been hid away to appear again in a few weeks... when the easter baskets are brought out! I am so appreciative to be a receiver of Ducky House lovelies. The rest of you should be so lucky... (*PST I know Tamara does swaps when she has time to create and is inspired to do them...)

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