Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Here's Mother Nature's joke on us Winnipeggers...

Pretty funny hey!?
I love a fluffy snow storm followed by a calm warm day to play!
Despite wanting it to be spring, I must confess I am not sad to see clean beautiful snow, I prefer it over dirty puddle muddy spring... if it could switch to growing green over night I would be happy.
(skip the melty mess and grey raininess of spring)
Unfortunately I am alone in my love for a snow storm in April, my fellow friends in Winnipeg are cursing this morning... Joke is on them I guess.

I pulled one over on my mother in law this morning (wink) I called her at 8 asking why she wasn't here, that I had to be at work by 8:30. (I arranged for her to babysit the kids tomorrow for a casual day job I have) She said (in a confused and just woke up voice) -No, it's tomorrow... and I put on my best panic voice and told her no it's today, you must have made a mistake. She looked at her calendar and said "I have it written down for tomorrow, Oh no!" then before she jumped in her car to rush in to babysit, I informed her it was April fools! heehee.. first gag a success!

The kids informed me they needed to go to the dentist!

HAHAHAHA! (truth is they DO!) Again... Joke's on them!

My turn... I gave them a special treat at breakfast... Koolaid. (I know- that doesn't help our dentist dilemma) 
We don't drink much juice around here, so they were excited I was making it this morning while they were eating their cereal...
But I switch-a-rooed Solomon's cup with one I prepared last night, so while everyone else was drinking juice... he said "What the!"


Heres my secret....

Jack submitted this poem for his school work today... he was giggling the whole time I was reading it...
punch line at the end...

Incase you need it translated...
Rodeo Riding
One cowboy can win
Everyone Watches

Very good joke Jack!

We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for later. We have a tradition to buy gags from the joke/magic store for April Fool's Day... past tricks have included the plastic poop on the floor when one of the boys was potty training, that was another one on my mother-in-law! 
and bugs in ice-cubes... we have bug-phobic friends who fell natural into that one and gave very satisfying reactions the boys love pulling off a good prank.
This year they bought a squirting piece of chocolate that they are eager to share with Daddy when he gets home... I hope he plays along!


Aleksa said...

what fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I want to live at your house Tami!!!