Friday, April 24, 2009

our first trip to the dentist.

Yay! What a happy, fun trip to the dentist... no nerves, no fears, just expecting to have fun.... and we did.
Jack and Solomon had x-rays of their teeth, Solomon was amazed to see his adult teeth under his baby teeth.
Jack thought the spit sucker was hilarious. Ephraim was SO cool in his glasses and he loved the bubblegum toothpaste and tickle brush.
shhh don't tell the dentist what our pre-dentist games were...

We did a bunch of teeth, dental health and dentist activities... the best one was the math game. Using marshmallows for teeth, we filled an adult mouth with (32) teeth using dice, we took turns filling our mouths. -then we ate the marshmallows... probably not on the tooth healthy snack list and not the best snack for the morning before our dentist visit... but it was a FUN COUNTING GAME!


relax, have a cookie said...

Hey Tami,
How the heck do you get the text to go inbetween the photo's? All my photo's go to the top and all the text body below. You posts are so nice

Tami Jo said...

i put my option on none for photo layout and space under them for my "sentiments" I also squish them together by deleting the space between them. and i usually edit them on the compose setting, so i can see how it will look and them go back to the html setting to move things. i can show you on tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Very creative Tami..loved the game!