Saturday, June 6, 2009


I got a beautiful gem to add to my collection, from a photographer friend, Rod Braun. The story goes, his elderly neighbour had this tricycle from when he was a child and gave it to Rod and his wife Sonia.
A few years later he meets this art teacher at a dance/arts studio who has a tricycle tattoo on her back and he thinks "I am going to give her that trike."

Fast forward about 7 years and the same photographer is photographing a dancers wedding and the sister of the bride is that same art teacher, now 6 months pregnant with her 4th child and he remembers the tricycle is in his garage somewhere.

A couple months later, as a project to get certified as a art nudes photographer, she finds herself having her portrait taken and a few nice ones of her tattoo (which looks a lot smaller than it did when she first got it... about 45 lbs ago.)

And Now.... I am the proud, excited new owner of a tricycle with a lot of history... It is BEAUTIFUL!

Thank You Rod!

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