Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas de-stress...

I am having some Christmas Prep stress. But this video and song is making me peaceful and happy... so I thought I would share. (it somehow reminds me of my sister- I think she would appreciate the little heart cheeks as much as I do) Hugs to you this december... wish you were in my arms.

I am excited for Christmas. Christmas with kids is alway magical, and this year being at the lake for my birthday (the 27th) I am looking forward to peacefulness and calm, reading by the fireplace, watching kids in the snow, from the toasty indoors.

Trying to get things done in a timely fashion is proving difficult as I am waiting for some post. (something special coming in the mail that will enable me to get more done) I am hoping it gets here this week, next week will make everything quite a scramble.

And then after all the holiday joyfulness there will be adventure for the clan as we head east to Kenora for a few months.


Aleksa said...

such a sweet post.


KindredEsprit said...

What a beautiful song and such a pretty video! I love the animation and the colours and the storyline. =)

Hope your post comes ASAP and that you manage to get other things done while you wait. =)

I should try to pump out some more cards *today* and get them addressed and posted...I think they'll arrive late anyways, tho... ah well!

tiffany said...

cute cute and sweet and relaxing.

lots of love
p.s. i'd like to hang out before you leave forever!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a sister to warm my heart as you exude your warmth I am pretty sure we feel the LOVE!