Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a new look for everyone.

Aside from being really tired (and looking really tired) and having no make-up and having my first coffee of the morning... I really like my new hair cut. Even the bed head version is exciting... I had to tame the "betty paige" bangs a little this morning.

I was inspired by these cuts and decided I was NOT too old to be trendy.

Mike has done work (construction) to most of Tod's house (Tod the Stylist -not to be confused with Todd the Miner -whom Mike has also done work for over the years) over the last 4 years and at some point an unspoken agreement to cut all our hair for free was made... wow.
Tod is the most generous thoughtful man.
On top of doing all our hair (for free) this week he gave the kids huge candy canes (think barber pole made of sugar) and some stocking stuffers. He also sent home with us a huge supply of yummy yummy samosa! 
Seriously this man is an angel with clippers in his kitchen. 
I will forgive him for giving Ephraim a mullet in the summer (chock that one up to allowing creative genius to not line up with my own sensibility) It was an Era thing really. I was so not into my son looking like Scott Baio. 

My sister and I have discussed the Era thing quite a bit. I have a strong reaction to/against anything from my teen years. The 80's social craze... please don't make me go there. The tights under your clothes... really? do I have to buy stirrup pants to be cool?
Even the music associations (dumb, sappy rock ballads at disturbing school gym sock hops) has made me shut down to listening to certain things. (sorry Sting... I am slowly coming around, I can listen to your Christmas album in small doses...)

anyway I digress...

We all look amazing for the holidays. Thank you Tod.


Aleksa said...

i agree about 80's sentimentality...

you look beautiful...

Tanis said...


Tami Jo said...

scott baio?
Mike wanted me to add that Tod is not the only generous and thoughtful man... I think he was looking for himself to be added to that category. Also Tod gave me kitchen chairs! (plastic stackable ones like at the "winkler" community centre... but chairs non-the less!

Anonymous said... the cut..have secretly wanted that look but now have a variation of it for "women of a certain age" - although I get close to the look at the lake with no styling and of course EVERYTHING is allowed at the lake. You look fabulous and Merry Christmas to your sweet little family and I wish you great Kenora adventures in the New Year!


swell news said...

Hot, as usual.

patty-jean said...

so cute on you!!! hey we looked at another property not TOO far from YOURS! (said in a sing-song voice)

Happy New Year - hope your holidays were restful - and Nice!