Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things we will miss about Kenora. #2

The View.

We have had the privilege of staying in a magical spot on Lake of the Woods. Right where the lake meets Winnipeg River. The current is so crazy here that the lake stays open all winter in front of the house and there are a few crazy ducks that stay for the winter instead of going south. We were amazed to spot them in February and when we inquired about our sighting to a local, we were informed that indeed they spend the winter here. Silly birds, but I can't really blame them, it's quiet, beautiful, and they get to stake their claim on the best nesting site when the others return.

At any time during the day, we sit for a breather and gaze out the windows, spotting bald eagles, loons, canada geese, a variety of ducks, seagulls, deer, muskrat. Inspecting wildlife through the binoculars, trying to take photos to capture the moment. Or as a family have crafted what we see...

We have tracked and played unreal close to the family of three deer that are regular visitors to our yard. They watch us as peacefully as we watch them through the trees.

We will miss the view and the wildlife adventures each day of the last 4 months has brought us.


Anonymous said...

Ah, life on the lake...beauty, peace and inspiration. You and your family have been blessed indeed. But it will be great to have you back! - Mom

Aleksa said...

so beautiful!