Tuesday, February 27, 2007

get the kids outside!

The outdoors, specifically the "wilderness" Is where I enjoy being a family the most. watching the boys explore their environment is much more rewarding when it is nature they are interacting with. I am experiencing cabin fever...stuck in the city in the house most of the winter...I long for the spring, the chance to be outside most of the day not just between car trips.
I am sure as the kids get older outdoors in the winter will become more enjoyable but right now I feel like it is just the stress of getting kids dressed and out the door before they overheat and then coming back in in 5-10 minutes with frozen digits due to pulled off
mittens and falling in snowbanks due to the immobility of skipants. It is just NOT FUN! (of course Solomon is my exception, he could play outside in -40 as long as there is a hill to abogganaboggan on)

all this to say I am ready for spring!

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patty-jean said...

JE SUIS D'ACCORD - perhaps when the time comes that i can somewhat send the kids outside-perhaps i'll have a yard. Selah is enjoying Solomon's accidental lone of a dinosaur-sleeping with it, carrying it around - she'll not even remember when it's gone - but i hope Solomon is not missing it too much! sorry Solomon! What is the measurement of the width of the sling again? 22"?