Monday, February 26, 2007


My sister in law and I discussed gardening as theraputic today.
She is in california planting her wildflowers in her new yard.
I am in the dead of winter up in canada, remembering my garden from last year, envious of her account of new growth and promise of colour soon.

This has been a good reminder, the power of planting, of having growth, life come from the dark of the earth.
We are dealing with a reminder of loss, a deep mourning for a good friend killed in an accident a year ago this week.
Aleksa's words have released me to think more and drink deeply from the fountain of memory, to weep openly and process...and plan my own garden for the spring, with more colour, a place for healing and memory. a place to rest.


tiffany said...

i love you

patty-jean said...

Thinking of you, and your family.