Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dream sanctuary

I have been participating in a pretty intensive training to become a volunteer mentor to new mom's through the Sherpa Mother's Program (Women's Health Clinic)
The past few weeks have been heavy topics identifying our biases, stereotypes...domestic abuse and violence against and women's body image and I have been having a hard time dealing with all the information and emotional processing involved.
At our last session we ended the session with a relaxation technique intended to help us find our "sanctuary" to de-tox from all the heaviness.
I had my image figured out and entered the breathing excersise sure of what I would experience. (something like this scene of the wild flower garden at the lake)

To my surprise I was transported somewhere else entirely and filled with an unexpected deeply moving sense of colour, detail and even smell of a familiar but no longer existing place. It greatly saddened me as I sat and experienced all that this room was to me and realized it has been a VERY long time since I have experienced the complete sense of peace, the sense of being believed in, loved and heard and completely safe and able to rest in that knowledge.
I looked into the symbolism at a dream web site and was affirmed in some of the feelings I have been processing since...

Bedroom-aspects of self that you keep private.

purple-indicates devotion, healing ability, loving kindness and compassion

bedspread-sexuality and outward beauty

window-bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight

breeze-represents movement of ideas and minor changes.

smell-indicates past experiences and feelings associated with the particular smell...conveys feelings relative to the familiar scent.

It has made me connect with many lost emotions and feel nostalgic for relationships long gone, and thankful for the love I receive daily from my family and friends.

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