Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh Fragile Life

talk to your kids about death

Okay the heaviness is not over... tonite while visiting friends we got news that mutual friends from Jack's preschool had been in a terrible accident while visiting friends and family in Argentina. The Mother, Matilde and her two sons (friends of Jack and Solomon) Maxi and Niko died in the crash and their father who was driving is still in hospital in Argentina.

I weep as I type this... I don't know how to tell Jack. We haven't seen Maxi and Niko since January. How do I say "remember Niko? and his brother Maxi? they Died. In a car accident just like daddies friend Grant. How do I process this one? how do I tell my baby that life is so fragile even He is losing friends in terrible accidents? How can I ever allow them out of my sight? how can i prepare them for the fragile fragile things of love, loss...

I just want to hold them and cry.

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patty-jean said...

OH Tami - that is horrible, horrible...i'm soooooooooo sorry...i have no words