Friday, June 1, 2007

It's a start

Mike says our new bedding is "adult". It's the beginning of our new bedroom... furniture shopping with the boys last weekend turned out to be the headache it sounds like. So no decisions there. We have picked a colour for the walls, called Rocio, fromthe cloverdale collection. It is a neutral creamy tan colour.
The trouble with finding furniture is that our room is so small, nothing fits! The bed frame we like at EQ3 is a couple inches too long for our wall space, and the drawer/storage thingies we like don't match the finish on the bed frame we like...bah!

And shopping with Mike can be frustrating because inevitably he says... "I could make this" or "the quality sucks, lets go look at wood at Windsor..."- and much as I want to encourage the custom design and stellar workmanship I know he is capable of... I want bedroom furniture before his retirement....sigh.

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tiffany said...

looks good. i'm sure it'll all come together. ah yes. i'm familiar with the joys of shopping with a handiman.