Friday, June 15, 2007

sicky me.

I am sick.
I have a sore throat and I couldn't swallow my tylenol this morning.
my loving husband took the kids to my in-laws for the day, i should go to a doctor but I stink and I don't want to get out of bed.
yesterday I went bra shopping with 2 of my SIL's and by noon I was so wiped I could barely stand. I came home and stuck Ephraim down for a nap and plunked the other two in front of the T.V. and called mike to please not be late tonight as I wasn't going to make it, He came home early and took the kids out with him to do errands and they helped him sweep up a job site, took pizza for the workers who were working late.
I slept from 2 till today with a couple ups to pee and take more knock me out drugs.
I wish someone would make me some tea.


patty-jean said...

Can i send you a 'virtual cup of tea', wish i could, some fragrant, herbal thing, thats not tangy, but fresh tasting, just a tad minty, but mostly soothing, like lavendure, or fresh early morning air in a Vineyard in France....hope you feel better soon!

3trikes said...

that is so sweet of you PJ, Thank you for the discription of a soothing yummy tea.