Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nunavut.... we are not coming... this year.

Don't count us out. But the bid we put in to work in Nunavut this year fell through. It was the only bid, but way higher than similar work was going for in other communities, so we learned right? and we evaluate what the northern experience is worth to us and what a better bid might be and try try again. There is so much work planning to be done in Baker Lake, even if it means Mike is able to go work for the local company he did in April, set some roots, build some relationships, I am certain we will spend some quality time in Baker Lake yet.
In the mean time let's enjoy the warm Winnipeg sun... and finish the house we live in now!
Besides we have some special visitors coming up from California in August, I was a wee bit concerned I'd miss them if we went north.


philter said...

Tami, is this you? What is going on in your life? I guess I could read this more and find out eh!

Tanis said...

Well, I'M happy you're staying put!
(Boy, I'm selfish, eh?)
LOVE you and your awesome family, and I'd just miss you too darn much.