Friday, July 20, 2007's a vacuum.

My sister has accused me of neglecting my blog because I have succumbed to the facebook hype. I have been sucked in and receiving messages from people I haven't heard from in years! It has been so pleasant and really while I am here convenient to connect with people I may get a chance to see in real time.

an update... this week has seen rain. nicely cooled off. We experienced a crash course in bathing a large dog, after Samba's delinquent doggy friend enticed her against her better standard poodle judgement, to wrestle in the mud. Her friend, Copper, who is a yellow lab-ish dog was sent home black. and Samba was sent to the out door dog house until I could get my head around the best approach.

After searching for suitable doggy shampoo (I settled for organic human stuff) the kids and I led Samba to the "yellow" house. the one with less carpeting! We lured her into the tub and while I filled the tub, the two inches of her that was in the water had turned the water BLACK. plan B. I sent Jack out to find a pail, this was going to need a constant rinsing and draining technique.
After 45 minutes Samba and I emerged, she clean-I, not so much. she got lots of treats from the boys and was super energetic the rest of the evening. while she shaked and bounded around the house getting dry. It was quite fun to watch, but today when it was still raining and Samba needed to go out to do business I was afraid.
We went on a few nice drizzly walks around the block, safe distances from mud puddles!

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