Friday, July 20, 2007

Grosser than gross

Grosser than gross, It's a contest I can only imagine is designed to let us know we are not alone in the joys of parenting.
hosted by Adventures in Baby Wearing for the chance to win shwag... all you need to do is share a gross story, and link it to her site... we all need a KONE.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is the day I was driving across town to a playdate with my three children in the van. Jack my oldest and the most sensitive when it comes to gross was in the middle behind me. The two younger ones seated way in the back.
Solomon, who at the time was hard to understand was calling to me and I was trying to gather enough clues to decipher what he was saying while watching him in the rear view mirror. He was telling me that Ephraim was sick.
Now.. I had suspected that Ephraim wasn't well before we left... "the not yourself" clues, nothing obviously wrong, but truthfully this outing was about me getting out of the blessed house and into the company of another adult.
I started to tell Solomon He would be all right and It was okay, when I heard that dreaded wreching sound. We were at a red light and I whipped my head around to witness the second projectile vomit shooting out of my poor baby's mouth. Strapped into his car seat, unable to lean forward or anything just straight out. I panicked, thinking, how do I get to the side of the road? how do I get my poor baby out of the car before... too late -Solomon, seeing Ephraim puking, started puking too. Both of them projectile! Me-shaking my arms saying
oh no! oh no!... it's okay, it's okay!
and Jack unable to see the commotion from his own thankfully high back car seat, asking "what what?" I managed to get turned around and into a bus loop where there was a pay phone. I got out thinking how am I going to do this? Both the boys had fallen asleep from exhaustion, I was envisioning what people stopped beside us saw and how the passengers in their cars reacted... a puke fest on the 6 lane!
I ended up calling my husband, arranging for him to meet me at home, covering the babies with towels that had been tucked under their seats and driving home.
We needed to peel them out of their car seats and strip them down in the driveway and straight into the tub. the rest of the night I sat with Ephraim lying on his tummy across my lap with a stack of towels by his head, he would wake up, puke and go back to sleep and I would fold the towel and wait for the next one... replacing towels as needed.
that is my entry for grosser than gross. Makes you want kids doesn't it Belinda, Cristina and Tiffany!?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

My goodness. I bet you are SO glad that day is way behind you now!!!


Glass Half Full said...

Like a scene from a movie!!!


Tanis said...

I remember that well.
Please call us! Noone can get a hold of you!
(We're at mom's)

tiffany said...

I think I'll leave adventures like that up to you for now...

KindredEsprit said...

To answer you question - nonetheless, absolutely yes.

Elizabeth F. said...

Uh, I hate when kids are sick in the car!