Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flash Back

For Ephraim's 2nd birthday party at the end of June all the guests came dressed as storybook characters.
In attendance were, the evil step mother and one ugly sister-in-law (oops I mean step-sister)the Witch from Snow White (nobody trusted her apple or her snake) the whole cast of Red Riding Hood including three versions of the Big Bad Wolf. Prince Charming, a fairy God-Mother and a fairy Grand-mother, the Emperor...with clothes on, the tortoise and the Hare, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and Belle, Mary Bo-Peep, a pirate, Tinkerbell, a dragon and a knight.
We played games at the three bears cottage, we tug-o-warred Rapunzal's hair, Jack's Giant had a larger than life golf tournament, and tumbling on the princess and the peas mattress was great fun.
For dinner we had 3 Pigs in a Blanket and teddy bear sandwiches... It was great fun with great memories thanks to every one who participated willingly in making fools of ourselves!

(Cristina you rock!)

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Tanis said...

Oh yes, the fun we had.
You've been tagged.
Check my latest post and play along.
I know you love doing these!
ha ha