Sunday, July 22, 2007

free to roam

Last night my birth certificate finally came from Regina and we wasted no time having adventures in the rain today!
We woke up later than usual (I slept on the couch and two boys joined me on the floor in the living room...if Ephraim knew the party he was missing)
Outside it looked gloomy and ready to spill anytime but we have been "stuck" for some days now so we started today with playing in the yard before breakfast. AND who should come to visit!? a horse and cowboy came trotting up the driveway right into our yard! Oh but the boys were excited! They each got to sit on the horse, Blue-eyed Jack. (wasn't Jack impressed!) and were led around the yard a bit. Wes, the cowboy has been looking for an opportunity to bring the boys by to feed his horse but it was pretty special to have it come to us!

After breakfast I did some quick research on places to go with/for the kids and we settled on taking a drive to Stanley Park to take in the Vancouver Aquarium. (Okay-everyone be amazed that I navigated myself from Point Roberts Washington to Stanley Park AND took three boys under 5 to the crowded aquarium by myself!) dolphin shows, sea turtle shark tanks, amazon exhibit...It was amazing!

next week I want to go to the kids market at Granville Island, though I will bring the stroller next time!
I took photos, but my technology went home for a week so I will post them later.
(or Mike, you could throw in the cord with bunky bunny and douglas.)

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