Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kid's Market

Today we went to Granville Island. Oh how I wish there was a babysitting service there, all those Art Galleries that I daren't enter with three youngsters in tow. Trying to look at the yummy rubber stamp store was enough of an indication that anything that wasn't geared towards kids was not going to fly... and really our focus today was completely kid... so -one day, granville island I will return! It will be an Adult day.
What a place... 2 full stories of kid energy. Toy store, book store, kites and puppets store, shoe store, beach store, baby store, salon for kids, arcade, playground, party room, icecream parlour, pizza snack bar, It was amazing.
We bought puppets and birthday gifts. We had a late lunch at the "cat's meow" (which ended up being poshier than I expected) the boys were great, hungry and pleasantly tired, instead of over-tired and active. They had the hostess coming by regularily to sweet talk them. After we ate we went to the water park, water slides, fire hydrants with hoses and fountains in the ground you can stand on, overhead showers and a tunnel that sprayed mist inside, flanked by a board walk and creek, adn an extensive playground structure. It was a great space. Lots of families were there but it was open and not so crowded feeling. I tired them out there and had a quiet drive back to Pt. Roberts. Today the border crossing both ways was so easy, they didn't even ask for our I.D! Coming back I was concerned because I had bought some stuff...nope, no problem!
The rest of the week is Point Roberts fun. Back to the beach and park...give the pocket-book a rest. For some reason when I say the magic words the money is NOT multiplying! (faulty holiday wallet!)
Tonight I am going to bed early. I am Wiped!

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