Monday, July 30, 2007

Uncle Murray and his family, Gail and my cousins Dawson and Hailey arrived back home with many stories and highlights of their amazing trip to Austria and area. We enjoyed visiting and goofing Uncle Murray style after dinner, and the kids set up a big tent in the yard for a camp out. While the kids set up their sleeping bags and planned the arrangements, Uncle Murray took time out to ride his bike with Samba running along side. About 5 minutes after he left we got a phone call saying that they called the phone number on the dogs collar, that there had been an accident and it seemed serious.
Gail and Dawson went to the area to get Samba and have a sense of what was happening, what medical attention was needed. Murray was airlifted to Bellingham, St. Josephs Hospital. after some exrays and tests, He has a broken shoulder (we had hoped it was only dislocated)and his head injury is the most concerning as he has a skull fracture and is incoherent. He knows who Gail is but most of his verbalizing is jumbly.
I am processing by keeping normal as much as possible. I feel helpless. I am cooking... potato salad. and feeling like I should be out doing something fun with Hailey and the boys but I can't think straight to get us out the door in any order. shopping? beach?


KindredEsprit said...

Perhaps take everyone to the park in Tswassen. =)

Looking forward to seeing you guys again tonight.

Uncle Murray is such a kindred spirit and welcomed me right away into his home.I'm praying for him and Gail and the kids and have asked my Grandma to do so, also.



Tanis said...

Oh my, what happened? Or does anyone even know yet?
Is he better today?
Are you doing better?
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about you Uncle. This has made me realize just how important it is for everyone, including myself to wear helmets.I am not sure if your Uncle was or not but it sure is an eye opener.We will pray for you, your kids, and most importantly your uncle and his family.

cyndy said...

sorry Tami. That was me who sent the anonymous message.