Saturday, August 4, 2007


We had a super early start from Point Roberts, before the sun, in order to arrive at the Vancouver Airport by 6 a.m. Our Travel companion, Cristina was not sure we would get on our flight flying standby, and we didn't. It was a very sad moment watching our plane leave without us.
after 7 hours in the airport we got on a flight bound for Regina. Solomon and Jack were asleep before takeoff. We connected to a flight to Winnipeg and Ephraim screamed for 20 minutes (He had been such a gem the first flight...but over done by the second.)
Reuniting with Daddy was an emotional and Happy Happy occasion! good enough to celebrate at Olive Garden (cuz' when you're there, you're family)


cyndy said...

welcome home. I am sure it was a joyous and very much anticipated reunion with you, the boys and mike.

patty-jean said...

Such a Great Picture!!! good to see you at the local pool! flying stand by - wow - w/ 3 littles - what was the price difference?

Tami Jo said...

It was crazy good difference. considering I had to pay for all three boys.