Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CPS #31 Entry

Here is another contest from Card Positioning Systems CPS

I used s.e.i. halloween hoopla paper for the card base, the inside has a surprise blue background and bats...so cute.
also from s.e.i., the velvety iron-on sentiment, then using scraps of cardstock and glittery argyle printed paper I crafted the rather stylishly simple layout, finishing off with a touch of fibre and a foam spider sticker from the kids art bin. voila-second card challenge in one day!!!
on a roll and into the howly festive theme!

oops! I didn't read the "fine print"... I don't qualify-as the contest sketch I followed is for a magazine contest hosted by CPS and I goofed on the required theme... Oh well It is still a nice card and now that I have seen the actual CPS contest sketch I am back to the kitchen counter for take two. Stay posted, I am sure I will add it tonight.


Here is the real entry for this weeks CPS Challenge:

I like how this turned out.
I used Cosmo Cricket-Kissin Kate paper, a cedar insert from a cigar tube taped with super two sided tape, I rubbed on some Chatter B.O.X. 'friendship' sentiments on thin plywood pieces and Let's call it an invitation to enoy some good times with friends... perhaps with some Brandy and Cigars (sans kids)


Andrea said...

Great card

tiffany said...

looks like you've had some productive kid-free time. how nice. all the cards are beautiful - i especially like the ones you made for me! you're a lovely, helpful matron.

Jeannette said...

I like that, it's nice to see someone doing male themed cards for a change.

Tanis said...

Wowzers, you actually did a CPS sketch????
I'm impressed!