Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fargo, a far way to go...

And No great deals to be had!

BUT if you get a chance to walk through Walker, MN... It is a great little tourist woodsy lakey artsy town. The main drag is two sides of gift shops for many blocks, a charming little pharmacy with a soda and icecream counter, coffee shops, pubs, an Artist Mall where local people have their crafts for sale where you can find anything from hand crafted puzzles, quilts, paintings, jewelry, sculptures... I had a very nice time wandering in and out of every single store on a beautiful fall day.

Fargo was a disappointment mostly because I had destinations in mind that ended up being closed and others that didn't live up to my expectations... I did come away with a bit of a wardrobe for my growing frame... but nothing I couldn't find here for a similar price. sigh, Oh well.

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KindredEsprit said...

The town sounds cute! Hope you had nice weather, too! Hey, on one of my fave blogs ( http://www.lovelife.typepad.com/ ) , she has raved about Anticipation. (She is also expecting.)