Friday, January 11, 2008

Prepping me Furner fer a birthday bash fit for Capn' Jack!

Yesterday and today have been spent swabbing decks and baking gruel for the crew expected tomorrow.
We enlisted the help of experienced Pirate Abinda, who has been known to sail and pillage off the coast of Ireland...

After baking and setting cakes out to cool there was the question of a good ship... Abinda, also a master boat builder came through again with a few models, which met and passed a grueling inspection!

This morning the brothers celebrated with cupcakes (with legs-as tomorrow who know what battles may come and we all know what happens to a Pirates legs in battle...)

I will update you on the Party finale tomorrow! Wish me Luck! 12 Pirates on the Small Ship Semple... will be an adventure to be sure!

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Tanis said...

Cute feet!
looking forward to the party!