Monday, January 14, 2008

scarred for life.

After 6 years of raising boys we have finally witnessed the gushing head wound... blood everywhere and panic in the air as we tried to figure out where on Ephraim's head it was all coming from... (sorry no gory photos of the blood) I have prided myself for not needing to take any of my climbing jumping dare devil children to emergency for stitches, even though every time I deliver another boy, I think to myself... it is only a matter of time before we need to sew you back together... It feels surreal to gaze into that perfect new-born and know that one day, sooner or later he will be broken...

Last nights incident involved standing on a train table in the basement and being pushed off by a brother (the one in the background- who apologized profusely)
After a gushy few minutes the bleeding stopped and Mike was able to locate a very small cut, not worth a 4 hour wait in the ER. So I headed out to the drug store to pick up some butterfly bandages and we did a home squeeze together job. phew survived the first trauma... I am very thankful it happened on Mike's watch and not when I was alone with the boys!

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Tanis said...

Been there, done that.
Not fun, but inevitable :(
I on the other hand was husbandless. I handed off my 2 others to the church family (where we happened to be) and ran him to the hospital for 3 stitches.
I wish I would've known about butterfly bandages then!