Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Sister's Wedding (Dec. 21, 2007)

Okay! So it has taken a while to get my hands on a few photos from my sister's wedding back at Christmas... Our camera was without batteries for the event and I never did find someone to take candid shots, but Tiff sent me a few today and wasting no time I wanted to share this lovely one of us girls.

Tiffany's bridesmaids each have such a unique style of their own and I think they are captured here, even though our dresses are identical (thanks to the amazing skills of my seamstress, Jan Bones, who designed a pattern for my growing belly that fit like a dream and matched beautifully!) We managed to be so individual and stunning in our own identities!

If I may title us all... Myself, a matronly (or maternity) matron of honour showing off my glowing growing form... only a few photos showed a less glamorous crying sister of the bride... very unflattering...(someone needs to teach me to cry without screwing up my face so terribly!)
Christie a glossy, bubbly pixie... full of fun and spunk, energized us all day through our bridesmaidly duties... and can she dance!
Lindsey, a glamorous, poised pretty with a contagious giggle, who (bless her soul) hopes for a pregnant bridesmaid at her wedding... Tiffany?

and then the Bride... Wow! Did she pull off the most classic starlit vintage wedding, and look at her! Have you seen a more beautiful bride, calm, soft, pure happiness!? She was stunning!
So there you have a glimpse of the fun...
My grandma wants me to post my toast to the Bride... I had the room!!! But truthfully I don't think it will translate well to blogdom as it had no punctuation... it just wouldn't read the same, so blessed you were to have heard it in person, if you were there. If not-sucks to be you, you missed a spectacular magical night!


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You're beautiful.
I gave you an award on my blog. I'm sure you've read it maybe? You do make my day when I connect with you though :)

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